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Hobby Saturday and Football!!


Easy enough to watch football on a Saturday morning, we're talking soccer here folks. NFL wasn't on until the afternoon! A perfect backdrop to getting some models and some pre-painting prep done. So after a Newcastle victory, we moved on to watching NFL and finishing up some stuff we've just started working on for this year. With more than my fair share of unopened boxes and new games, it's going to be fun getting this stuff done and on the table.

When you have this many models to base, Dennis makes a nice mix of white glue and sand. He's working on his Napoleonic French (...but of course...) and they are coming along nicely. Along with Team Yankee, and whatever else he get's drawn into playing, it's going to be a heck of a year....'Merica!!!

Speaking of Team Yankee, Kevin brought his stuff over and started to put a dent in all of his US stuff. More pics of his tanks are below, he had a few choppers put together and some Ruskie BMP carriers as well. He had a spare rulebook as well, so I will be reading about the system a little bit and since I have some Vietnam stuff and an interest in A-10's blowing stuff up, this could be something I get into playing.......but we'll see.

I started getting some of my Antares stuff assembled. Also have a ton of Flames of War stuff to get to. With a lot on the go, both the building and the painting are giving me a ton of ideas for gaming with everything as well!!

 Ghar Battle Squad Trooper

Ghar Assault Squad Trooper

These models are all plastic, once you have them put together you'll have to prep some of the sprue edges before you paint them. These 'Ghar' troops are awesome. They have claws and multiple configurations of other weapons, in the starter set you get two squads. One is a Ghar Assault Squad and the other is a Ghar Battle Squad, the main difference is weapon configurations from what I have read about them so far. I'm not sold on a paint scheme yet, once they get done, you can be sure they'll be posted while I work on them. What I did like about these is that because the appendages are a ball and socket design, you can customize stances and weapon positioning. This will be great in telling these units apart and giving them some uniqueness, I might even paint a small band of color around the thin outer edge of the base for unit identification.

Just some shots of Dennis' French commander for his Napoleonic army. He really liked the photo box I have made for taking pictures, it's likely I'll have a write up or perhaps a video on how to build one. Now that I have used it several times for everything from X-Wing to Flames of War, I don't think I'll take many photos of models using any other method. The light and the clean backdrop are excellent in bringing out models you work on, it's easy to make and use.

Right, well there are a few things that need to get done around here! This will likely be a good start to my Flames of War stuff I would like to get together and painted in the coming months. None of this stuff is quite part of any particular army list plans, at least not yet. So, that will allow me to work on my Gates of Antares stuff, if I need a break from plastic models with lots of little bits, a box of tanks will seem super easy! We're also going to try and hit the 100 article mark this year, and not just from video uploads. I'm talking quality pictures, reviews and After Action Reports. We should have some new contributors to the site, and some more good stuff from the guys you know already. Check back and subscribe to us if you haven't already done so. Also be sure to check out the other blogs we follow, you can find them on the right side of the page.


  1. Hope u enjoyed the Newcastle win as we don't get to many these days :)

  2. Oh I know its hard enough seeing a game on tv here in canada if any other 'good' team is playing.. they show that game. If we get relegated.. I can't see myself being able to watch a thrilling Brighton v NUFC match !!

  3. Lightboxes are phenomenal additions to one's arsenal! I built a homemade one a couple years back for my modelling pics and then ended up getting a Foldio for X-Mas 2 years ago. Makes pics so much nicer.


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