23 March, 2015

EW tournament Petawawa Picture Dump


Translation: "Drive Closer, I want to hit them with my Sword!!"

Last weekend, the Pet Shop Boys (Petawawa) held the annual Early War tournament.. 1550 points.  I took the Italians I've been working on, and did horribly.   Picture dump follows, Enjoy

Vs Infantry tank Coy, I had nothing that could touch him at all.  I just needed to kill soft platoons.
Lou advances his Valentines up Main Street.  Ofc my Biplane of JusticeTM did not come in early when the tanks were bunched up..

I would target his Confident tanks in order to catch his Vet recce and infantry..
Stay Dug in boys!

The advance continues
I get Carri reserves, but ping off the Val front armour.  My Elefantinos came out of ambush and got a Recce platoon on that hill.. 5-2 so far!

Lou decides to drive in to clear out my Bersag's, but on the second round of combat, bogs the remainder.  CAPTURED Tanks, Mi 'Scusi!  And that's how it would end. 4-3 win for Lou.
My second game was vs Polish Infantry.. he had scattered and delayed reserves.  I am the attacker... gulp.

James had a tonne of guys spread out, so I couldn't nab an easy objective.
The Biplane of Justice can't even hit infantry in the open.. mamma mia!

After killing his AT guns, my Carri now stare down 2 platoons coming in on scattered reserves.. 1 close corner the other back edge..
I thought these were artillery so no big deal right?  Nah, they have great AT stats over open sights...

..meaning the zombie polish horde swarms over my wrecks, advancing onwards..
The other flank is just pot shots at dug in infantry.. no platoons lost..
On the last turn of the game, amidst all these dudes, lies ONE lone platoon command team, which the Biplane needs to get for the 4-3 loss..  This would be the plane's one and only kill all tournament.  4-3 loss.

Game three I play vs Bob McBride's IJA guys with tank support.  Elephant grass everywhere!

As this would be my first game vs the Nips, how bad could it be right?  <I would learn to HATE that flag guy!>
Ofc, he night attacks and double times up to my table quarter (Dust Up)

I felt pretty good about my chances of repelling this.. I had Breda Modello HMGs just right of this pic too.
Well Unfortunately, while I was able to do 6 hits on the first wave, I only did 5 hits on the second wave (thanks to nightfighting) and was wiped out.   I kept dogging a guy up to contest, but finally his reserves came in and grabbed the other objective.  I got a 5-2 loss out of it.   Now normally I would not have won best painted, but since Bob Pearce, a NZ guy on transfer from the NZ Army was in town, and got Best Overall.. it fell to me. DEFAULT!  Below are pics of Bob P's fantastic SS.   You can tell he used to paint 40k, he has the high contrast look down pat.  Well done Bob

Yes, the aerial antenna is strung.  Nice!


  1. Looks good! Practice for Historicon?

  2. Well.. with how badly they performed.. might push me to take brits!


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