29 December, 2015

"French Suffer Humiliating Defeat" in a Black Powder game..

"Almost accurate of this battle.  Not enough French casualties though.."

Well, here we are again, Scott's basement, the waning days of 2015, and we have a nice game of Napoleonics using the Black Powder rules.   Mark and Scott will be using the British, whilst I use the French in a meeting engagement to control a farmhouse during the Peninsular Wars.   Our lists are from the Albion Triumphant supplement for Black Powder, and we are using a 8 foot by 6 foot table

Using Alternate Brigade deployment, the French are at Left, British at Right.

As usual, massive dump (pictures that is) and video follows after the break

Close-up of the British columns..

Both these units can Skirmish.  Cavalry are Hussars.

As usual, Scott's artistry at work:  Brigade Commander

Meanwhile my tabletop ready Dragoons..(Light Chasseurs today though..)

Still lots to paint in 2016...

British Deployment Overview

Turn one, Brigade makes it to the ridgeline, with 3 supporting columns behind..

Close up of Brit infantry going the wrong way (left board edge) after a command 'Blunder' roll of double-six.

Meanwhile my French move en-masse, except my Cavalry who fail their command roll..

Rob came by, and was spied painting KGL (King's German Legion were British allies) with my cellphone zoom feature!

A promising start: Unit on the hill is Shaken and Disordered..

I forget that in Black Powder, his Hussars can charge THROUGH his infantry into my cavalry.....

British firing line on the high ground..

Before getting routed, here is a close-up of the printed flag on my Line Infantry Battalion.  Not bad for a download!

So this is AFTER the Hussars charge into my Cav, breaking them, and then 'Sweeping Advance' and breaking my second Chasseur unit........

Meanwhile the British support columns "Blunder" once again!!!

At this point the British have their horseshoe shaped firing line set up, and with no Cav, the French are on the ropes..

I have 4 units left, they have 11.....

Cannons are the only unit that can fire over friendly units when on hills..

These guys fired on my French every turn.. how do they have any ammunition left??

"Sir, I must report that our army has been decimated!" "Merci, Capitaine Obviousse"
And that is that.   What a disaster.. once I lost my Cavalry, then the Brigade, then losing the second Brigade to the Firing Line.. it was all over but the crying.   Hope you guys enjoyed it, because we certainly did.. even on the massive table, and with Scott's Infantry Brigade mucking about the rear for 5 turns, the game is fluid enough that they were able to come back into the battle by turn 8.  Great ruleset.

As usual, video bat-rep below

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