09 January, 2016

Late Late in 2015 1900 Point Late War Shootout!

In doing some prep for a past tournament, Dennis and I had a game a few months ago. Well the footage has been FOUND and the result is a better late than never video of a Flames of War game we had at my place.
Hope you enjoy the game and the footage! Stay tuned, we'll have some more on FoW, Napoleonics and there will be a new game unboxing and pictures of some the Beyond the Gates of Antaraes a few of us have gotten into!

This game was the last time in 2015 we played at the older points limits. That has since changed and the new points for the next year are as follows:

Early War 1500 Points
Mid-War 1700 Points
Late-War 1420 Points

Should be interesting to see what this does to the meta and the game over the coming year. I think the Late War point value will offer some of the more interesting results and list construction solutions. I guess for now we'll have to see what this does in 2016!

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