06 February, 2016

Team Yankee Soviet Motor Rifles and BRDM-3 recce

Russian BRDM-3 with AT-5 'Spandrel' missiles.  

So another unit painted, actually, bonus time, 2 units.  Back when I ordered up a tonne of modern soviets in 15mm scale, I got 4 BRDM-2 recce vehicles (see below) and was trying to figure out how to incorporate them into my Team Yankee force... when I realized the above picture.. that is the same chassis, but with the AT-5 Spandrel's up top.  Perfect!

Scout car with a BTR-80 turret.  Nothing fancy.   But in Team Yankee we have AT-5 armed Recon in the form of BMP-2's
 So how could I turn these into BRDM-3s with AT-5's?
 (more after the jump)

The answer was HOURS of cutting lengths of brass tube.  5 tubes per.
Plastic accessories and tank hatches make up the mount.  Turned out pretty good I'd say.
I also had some infantry stands to re-organize / make to finish my Motor Rifles.  Oh and buy 3 more BTR-80s from Zvezda!

Note, I am using AT-3 'Sagger' TOW teams as my RPG's!!

..the two giant based HMG sections..and the BTR's in parade formation..

..That's a lot of painting for a unit whose sole job is to dig in on an objective.... ah well, they look good though!

 Well.. that's another two units down.  I've already started on another unit, a french Napoleonic Light Battalion (I need to keep up in the skirmisher wars) and have already decided that if Denver Broncos lose in tommorow's super bowl.. that I will commemorate the loss with building 5 plastic Panther's for the upcoming MW tournament..!!  You guy's don;t want to see my Panthers in MW?? then GO BRONCOS!

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  1. Denis, they look awesome, I can't wait for our forces to square off again! Wait till you see what I'm working on for the USMC. Sea Knights and a Super Huey with Dylan miniguns! Still haven't figured out how they will fit into a game but they look so cool.


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