04 February, 2015

Something Old, Something New: Moderns and Napoleonics armies FINISHED

Well I just came off a stay-cation, and painted up like a madman.. Finished my Modern-era Soviets AND my Napoleonic French.   Giant picture dump follows after the jump:

3 units of Motor Rifles.  Mix of QRF and BF infantry, QRF and Zvezda vehicles.

Just infantry

Transports (QRF BTR-80s)

Zvezda BTR's I removed the turrets so they look like BTR-60s

Crashed Canadian UH-1 objective.   'Straight-Flush' ZSU Air Defence radar in the background is my second objective.


Zvezda Mi-24 Hind D.   Note it is VERY SMALL compared to the UH-1.

10 x T-54 (Battlefront, spare T-34 fuel tanks on the rear deck)


CO and 2IC T-72's (QRF in the back, Zvezda with ERA blocks in the foreground)

QRF T-72s.  Possibly the worst metal on the face of the earth to work with.  Be warned.

All 12 T-72s.  In FAON or Vietnam games, the T-72s are counts-as the T-54s with the night vision equipment.. these have the sensors to the left of the main gun

French Artillery: 8 guns, 2 horse artillery + supply wagon (Thanks ThunderST)

Horse artillery made up of spare horses and spare guns



Close up of gun and crew. I still think the green trails / wheels is stupid looking, but it is historical!

4 Command, 4 Cavalry, and 5 Foot units.

Close up of Dragoon and Officer

It took longer to rebase these guys than anything else.  1977 sculpts and made of lead....

Dragoons and Hussars?
 Well that's that.   Time to get cracking on my Italians for Early War now.   Hope you enjoyed these... it sure feels good to be done with them!


  1. Thanks. Took forever but it was worth it

  2. I'm impressed. That's a lot of work that you got done.

  3. Thanks Rob. Turns out I am NOT doing italians for EW.. but a British Crusader Sqdn!


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