16 August, 2011

Late War 21 Panzer WIP

Well, with 8 months of Mid War madness behind us, and Skirmish is in the books, it is time to think to Late War. We are going to be doing another escalation league of some sort, whether it is Infantry Aces or just plain Escalation so people can do whatever, we don;t know, but I have been busy. Above is a tonne of resin before going in the warm water/dish soap bath to get rid of the mold release.

6 PzIV and 7 StuG 39H assault guns, drying.

French halftracks, enough to do Gepanzerte HQ and 2 full units of GPGren's.. not shown: the infantry, that is at work for Flames of Lunch, Season 2

Some toys: an 88 battery, plus 3 french SOMUA Panzerwerfers.

My first 600 points looks like:
Command HQ GPGrenadiers, 2 x panzerfausts 80pts
Gepanzerte PanzerGrenadiers, 3 sections, Panzer Fausts: 225 pts
Gepanzerte PanzerGrenadiers, 3 sections, Panzer Fausts: 225 pts
2 Raketen VielfachWerfers (the SOMUA things), 65 points

595 pts.

1 comment:

  1. Looking good. You doing them up with a Normandy theme?


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