06 August, 2011

FoW AAR 34 & 35

"Komrades, this river shall pose no problems for us at all, follow me to Victory for the Motherland!"

So we had the last Friday Night Fights before our tournament next weekend, and Adam, aka Clockwerks showed up, fresh from his cross country move with his Desert Rats. He and I had a game (video below) where much was learned, but mostly: The "Iron Sherman" withstood shooting from 6 Crusaders and 3 Shermans, and 3 seperate double Bail Motivation tests. Why can't my Shermans perform like that? (Spoiler alert, mine did not)

Lothlann's new Motorcycle HQ models.. sweet deal.

Lothlann took a mixed list of many light vehicles (T-60s, Scout Cars, SU-76s) with a smattering of T-34s and Razdeki infantry

Yes really: only one out of nine T-60's passed their skill check to cross the river!!!

By the end of the game, this is how many made it past the River of Doom.

Note, Adam's stuff isn't all done, so I left out the pics of his stuff, he should have them done by the tournament :)

Game 1, Clockwerks vs me, the legend of the Iron Sherman is born.

Game 2, Clock vs Lothlann... Will the Iron Sherman survive?

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  1. Great report! Bonkers month here in Toronto, so I'm only getting caught up on August now...


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