09 August, 2011

This is my tournament list...

51st Highland Division, 1500 pts (North Africa book, Italy list)

The list: HQ platoon 30 pts
Rifle Platoon, 2 sections, PIAT 130 pts
Rifle Platoon, 2 sections, PIAT 130 pts
Rifle Platoon, 2 sections, PIAT 130 pts
Mortar Platoon, 2 sections 125 pts
Anti-Tank platoon, 6pdr Portee x4 185 pts
Anti-Tank platoon, Royal Artillery 4x 17/25pdr 310 pts
Royal Artillery 8 x 25pdr 360 pts
Sporadic Hurricane IIC 95 pts

1495 pts

Command teams, with my Dug In trench markers, for when I have to assault out of my foxholes, I have the models!

25pdrs, 'A' Troop and Staff Team with Air ID roundel.

AT, Royal Artillery, here are the big guns, 4 x 17/25s

AT Portee, 6pdrs. Yes I just realized I glued the drivers in the wrong seats..

Anyhoo, there it is. I can't really take any objectives, so my only goal is to roast a few platoons and get some points that way.

Hope you guys are getting your stuff painted as well, and look forward to my very first FoW tourney.

1 comment:

  1. Well done! All your hard work has definitely paid off.


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