05 December, 2010

And so it progresses..

Flames of War has bitten my pretty hard, and I ordered some much needed 15mm terrain for our upcoming gaming this Friday. Here is some quick picks of it prior to being painted:

It is all from "JR Miniatures" ordered from the Warstore. Very cost effective at about $5 per piece ($7 for the bridge). Matt Varnish has mentioned a desire to start painting it this Friday while we get some games of FoW in. I will be posting WIP pics of my German PanzerKompanie tomorrow - Stay Tuned!

CA$H out.


  1. Anyone know what scale 15mm is in Train terms? I wonder if they would be too small for those train scenery over at Hobby House

  2. There isn't a great fit...
    HO is 1:87
    TT is 1:120
    FoW is what? ~1:100 to 1:120

    I think for large buildings where scale is less important (churchs, factories, warhouses...) HO is probably OK.


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