29 November, 2010

Shoot, forgot to post 2 Bat Reps

Here we go, these were from last week. Enjoy

Apparently Ive been using the Narthecium wrong, I can't use it if the model with it is in combat. However, he can be in any squad, so I might put the Narth in a squad that would hang back behind my command squad.

Also, no video for it, but I played Deathwing again vs Dark Eldar Wrack, Wych Raider Ravager spam. And won somehow. Wyches have been massively toned down since previous book.. I got triple charged and lived.


  1. There's definitely no alternative to reading the rules in your codex, otherwise you end up playing all of the much spoken of advantages without adhering to the often ignored disadvantages that come bundled with all units.

    Decent battle reports. Cheers.

  2. Oh trust me, I play with the disadvantages, like the crappy 1 shot cyclones, etc. ANd while glancing only smoke launchers are great, I miss the cover save which, if passed, gets me off scot free.. whereas glancing hit its usually cant shoot.

  3. I just read your note about splitting up command squad units and according to the Codex "One terminator squad may be upgraded" (Pg. 79). In other words, you must keep the banner and apothecary in the same squad. I hope I'm wrong, as splitting up the banner and Apothecary would be great, but I don't think so.


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