19 December, 2010


So Dennis came over one day to do some painting and modeling and, when he did, he had a bunch of cork in a bag that he was using for some Flames of War scenery. I've heard of people using cork in scenery and bases, but had never tried it myself. Like far too many things, I just assumed there was some arcane black magic to making it look good. Dennis, who had brought lots of cork along (pulled from one of those cheap-o bulletin boards you get at a stationary/office supply store) left a chunk behind and encouraged me to give it a try.

Very simple:
- Broke off some cork chunks and glued them on (with a mind towards putting models on them later, so I did space and size them appropriately)
- Glued a little sand around them and on them to give them texture
- Painted Chaos Black
- Overbrushed Graveyard Earth
- Drybrushed Desert Yellow
- Drybrushed Bleached Bone
- Glued a tiny bit of static grass on for realism and contrast

It's almost too easy.


  1. I thought this was some sort of Irish feature...


    Nevermind. Your bases do look good though. My favourite is the last one in the series of images. genuinely brilliant stuff.

    Thanks for sharing your mini-hobby-epiphany!


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