11 December, 2010

Flames of War Battle Reports

Tristan worked his tail off to paint these PanzerGrenadiers this week

Alright, so FoW is picking up steam, and we have Pripyat (Brett) over and Marty to add to the usual crew tonite. I don't have my models yet from Drew so I played with a unit or two. FYI we are all total Noobs to this, which is part of the appeal. I've been playing WFB /40k for more than 10 years and it s refreshing to be see a new system with wide eyes again.

First game was Russians (Brett and Chris) vs Germans (Tristan and Marty/Me when Marty had to leave) 1500 points.

Here is Video plus some pics below:

And right after, we played a Russia vs Russia game, this time with the armor on both sides in Reserves, to force us to see those rules. In the End we get to see how an assault works, though due to my Camera's wonky showing of full battery bars in the morning then half when I get to Tristan's, I run out of Battery and we miss turn 2. Though it was just advance towards the objectives, get shot at :)

Here is second Video (Very Short)and a few more piccies of Brett's terrain:

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