21 December, 2010

Saturday Is Alright For Fighting - FoW

1500 pts - CA$H's German Panzers vs J-O's US Tank Co. - FoW
Scenario - Encounter
Saturday, Dec 18th

Deployment. Left - US. Right - Germans. Germans get first turn.

Turn 1: Germans move forwards aggressively on their left flank.

US push forward. StuGs hang out with God.

Turn 2: US move up towards German left flank after Panzers bail a Sherman.

US move up the middle towards the StuGs.

Turn 3: US and Germans slug it out over left flank objective. After German reinforcements show. Both Co. Commanders are down.

Turn 4: Germans reposition to face Shermans on left flank.

German halftracks come from reserves and race to US side.

US bail or pop remaining Panzers. Germans down 2 platoons of 4.

Armoured platoon reinforcements force bail out on Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers.

Turn 5: End Game.
German Co. morale test is auto failed as Co. commander is dead.


  1. Was a tightly fought game, learned to protect the 1iC for sure!

    "I'll get you next time Joyous, NEXT TIME!"

  2. What an awesome sounding game, and amazing terrain. Can't wait to see it first hand.

  3. Man, without some clutch '6's in the early game my tanks would have all been smoldering wrecks...

    Lady luck was on my side :)


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