20 February, 2012


Basically Who The....you get the idea.
Being the new(b) guy on the block has always been the tough place to be in when busting into a new game. I've been lucky enough over the past few weeks to get to know the guys who are associated with this blog and their circle of friends that play Flames of War. I just want to post up and let you know who I am and a bit about me.

As many others before me, I got into gaming during my teenage years. Never having played a lot of miniatures until I got into Battletech in the late 90's. I'm an avid PC and console gaming fan and recently picked up Flames of War after seeing the game being played at J&B Books in Trenton.

I used a donor army of Soviet tanks to learn the very basics of the game and was excited to learn a new version was about to change everything and this was the best time to get into FoW.
Poking around online and reading books, once again borrowed.....I found myself immersed in WW2 stories, strategy and paint schemes. I have always been a WW2 buff, whether family, movies or books, the history and mechanics make Flames a great game to play. Not only does any army on the field of battle have a chance to win, but you also pay for your mistakes as you would in real life should you ever find yourself not spreading out your T-34's for example and come under bombardment from 155's in your first game. Not that it happened to me, it happened to a friend of a friend.

I've been lucky enough to live all over the world in my near 36 years on this planet and I am looking forward to what the future of this game and hobby bring.

See you in the middle.

Me in 2007, Normandy France


  1. Post pics of your Desert Rats man. Funny how no one paints their tigers historically, and just blindly follow modelling pages or the stock BF scheme. I kinda want to paint my Eastern Front tigers like that.

    1. Did you ever end up painting them like this. Going back down the Dice Devils rabbit hole makes me realize it sucks that so much changed in V4 and basically killed the interest in this game. It can still be fun, but the competitive play aspect is all but dead worldwide. To have played in a 80+ person tournament and watch it become 30+ only a year after V4 tells you the truth.

  2. It's picked up since Matt...I think Motley Lou had a lot do with the drop off.. but its still big in the US. and no I ended up painting them desert


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