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Early War Escalation League Extravaganza

Starting right after the Path to Glory MW Tournament at Petawawa, I will be running an escalation league for EW. Details below

Early War Campaign “BlitzKrieg”

What: Escalation league style campaign to get folks into their EW-era armies. Finally we can see France and Poland fielded, and armies like Italy actually do alright!

Who: Anyone can play, whether you are in Trenton, Ottawa or Petawawa. Just get games in, which is the whole point.

When: April 23rd to May 13th , 600 points (only 1 combat platoon needed)
May14th to June 3rd, 900 points
June 4th to June 24th, 1200 points
June 25th to July 15th, 1500 points
You will note this is 3 weeks at each points level, and that it begins right after the Mid War tournament.

How it is going to work.

Each player will play Early War games at the appropriate points levels, and use standard tournament scoring from v3 of course. Any EW book can be used, we are not limiting to one region. Raiding forces CAN be used, so long as they are not the Mid War lists. You can play blue on blue if you have to, but I will keep track of nation wins as well. Unfortunately, the Pre-BK Soviet playtest list will not be used, it is too old, and was derived from 1st edition.

Each player will submit scores to me, to or post on the GameSummit Forums in the Flames of War section. The loser of the game will get +1 point if they provide a quick little batrep or synopsis, in order to generate some AARs out of the deal.

I will, at the end of each week, post the standings, and link the batreps, photos, what have you for everyone’s enjoyment. I will also show the current national standings, which will be percentage based, IE if one guy is playing Poland and has 10 points total, this is worth more than Germans having 12 points total, but with 4 guys among them. Exact calculation to follow.

At the end of each 3 week points tier, the average score for each player will be shown and posted. Tie breakers go to more games played. This is to discourage someone getting their 3 x 6-1 wins and never playing again. *Will probably take best 3 scores or some such, tweaks still*

There won’t be any fancy maps or territory, I am notoriously bad at organizing things like this, so I want to keep my first one manageable. I feel we can try that in LW with the number of campaign boxsets given away as prizes in the past year, Market Garden will work best.

In Ottawa anyways, I plan on having a Total Battle style game (v2 book) for the countries. Other areas can do what they like, but it would be cool if at some point we could all get together at the end.

I will have prizes for best general, best presentation (this is from pics, cool write ups, whatever) which will be voted by the players, and then the best nation. Might do more, like “Most assaults”, Most Armour saves, assuming stuff like this is mentioned in the AAR’s.

Sounds like good times. I need to start figuring out how the hecll I am going to do Caunter Scheme for my EW Cruisers, Stuarts and Matildas!


  1. Snagged a spot for the event today, people better get their names in or they are gonna be out of luck!

  2. Anyone can play, whether you are in Trenton, Ottawa or Petawawa. Just get games in, which is the whole point.
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