17 February, 2012

Game Summit Tables, Pre-tourney

So pretty explanatory, we have 14 tables of FoW scenery done up for the tourney tomorrow. Turned out well. Check out video at the bottom. I HOPE someone has mountaineers tomorrow and tries to scale "The Eiger" You'll see in Vid!! Its one heck of a climb to the chalet.



  1. A nice selection. The tables do seem to favor vehicles and large avenue of tank combat. In any case, have fun!

  2. @Braxen I think there are two responses here.

    1. We ran our first tourney 6 months ago and only had to do 8 tables. This time we had terrain ready for 12 tables and got told last minute we had to run 14 tables.

    2. More terrain was available after these pics so the tables were filled more.

    Check out our coverage of Skirmish 2011 to see what we usually run for terrain of everything is planned for :)


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