19 February, 2012

Game Summit Flames of War pics

(above) Louis' Brits.

(above) Scott Horodecky's SS StuGs

(above) Big Red One done up in Tunisia basing scheme. Don;t know whose army this was, but the crappy pic doesn't do it justice.

More After the Break.........

(above)Brad Sainsbury's?? Panzer Lehr. Leave no Army Behind! (this army was left in its tray, and is making its way north to the base to its owner)

(above)Andrew Tripple's Manitoba Dragoons, so lots of Staghounds. He got 2nd Best General I think?

(above) Chris (Lothlann) apparently couldn't decide between Germans or Soviets, so did both, so Finns!

Mike Abbott's US Para's on really cool bases.

Marty (Joyous Oblivion) US Armoured. He would go on to take First Overall. America, F@#$ Yeah!

Possibly the sweetest objective I have ever seen. A C47 dropping troops over Normandy on D Minus 1.

A few guys drove up from Trenton (Another Cdn Base) and Scott? had matching Hungarian hat for his awesome looking Hungarians. No Hetzers in his list this time, though he had all the funky Hungarian vehicles in his case, but did use Nimrods.

Brett's Cassino FSJ with all his cool emplacements

Brent C's Guards Tankovy in spearhead formation

Rob K's Canadians finally see tournament play, note the OP Ram Shermans and Canadian CT15 transport trucks, you won;t find these in 15mm very often!

I bet this guy wishes his 8 PanzerWerfers were using v3!! One of the Trenton guys, don;t know the name.

Shammy's Soviets, with converted female AAA crew, observers, and tankers. She used to be a Tanker in the Cdn Forces (Insert requisite "What, in Canada's one and only tank?" joke here)

Her partner Dan, also in the Forces, showed up with his vast array of Fortifications for his Germans. His 'Forts' cost more than most all PSC armies!!!!

These are the only Army pics I got, there were more however, Best Presentation went to Serge Bougie's Feldherrenhalle (wasn;t set up when I took these pics) with the best Hs 129 paint job I have ever seen. I'm a huge plane nerd so this made me vote for his army as "best" even though his other stuff was to a high standard. He claims he went into overdrive after seeing pics of my Beute StuG list finished.. Perhaps more secrecy is needed for next tournament!! Below are pics of my games.

Assorted game 1 pics, I played Dan Choquette's Infantry list, Hasty Assault, on the open desert. He had terrible reserve luck, though the cluster of Shermans was the ONE TIME all tournament my Howitzer's rolled higher than 1's it seemed.

A sweet battle was ongoing next to me during game 1. I love the visuals of Flames of War. Thanks WWPD/I95 for setting the standard for tournament scenery. I think we have come close up here in Canuckistan.

During the lunch break, we could vote on Best Presentation. This is Bob McBride's sweet looking Ersatz Kompanie. Those Blitz trucks with the Goliaths.. they look like Epic scale IG Tanks in the back!! Those log emplacements are crazy as well as the FlaK tower. Well done.. It was between this and Serge's army for my vote for Presentation.

Shammy's converted female crew. She just used putty for skirts and hair, painted hair bangs around faces to get the look. Too bad my camera isn;t the greatest/lighting wasn;t great either. I hope others got good pics.

After my 6-1 victory, I was facing Louis' British Armour. If only I had "read the mission" especially deployment of Breakthrough, I might have not placed my '88s up on the cliff top, and lost the game on turn !! it was one of those "Oh No" moments as soon as I had finished deploying, I knew if Louis was savvy, he would crush me if he went for my easy platoon kills before my reserves came in. And he is a canny veteran. Well played! Least I got to see my Luftwaffe guys deplying for AA not Anti tank, which is historical, given that Hans Von Luck had to pull a pistol to 'convince' the FlaK battery to deploy vs Armor. He wasn;t in time apparently here!

My last game was vs Shammy, with her Soviets. She had only just started playing, and with only v3 also (pretty smart, why confuse yourself with 2 rules-sets) however I felt I should let her get that last v2 Cavalry charge in, since they got toned down (the run-down especially) I wanted to use HlafTrack MG fire to kill the Katushka's, which they did, however, the Female Crewed AAA shocked me. They have ROF 4, ok, not bad. Antitank 6?!??!?! Then her cavalry got the charge in (10 inch move, 8 inch charge, 8 inch run-down) so true to form, I got 4 hits, not enough to pin in Defensive Fire, and failed my counterattack roll after losing just one stand. Cavalry then runs down my fleeing Germans and captures 3 halftracks! We ended in a draw as time was winding down, but she had me below half company strength, so I gave the 4-3 to her.


  1. Some really nice armies at that event. I do love the US Para army.

  2. I really enjoyed the event an can't wait for the next one, all my opponents where super and the tables where excellent, shame Denis never got his book back.

    Oh and the Big Red 1 army is mine, i really should have invested in making a display board since the army actually couldn't fit in my dollarama tray lol.

  3. Great post. Great tables, awesome armys and good fun buy the looks.

  4. Looks awesome, I hope that next year we can make it not be on the 18th as the little man's bday is locked in from now until forever. As always everything looked awesome (armies and terrain) and it sounds like a great time was had by all. Thanks for posting the pictures and I look forward to seeing everyone elses from the event.

  5. Nice writeup, the pics are great as well. Hope to get some more up in the next little bit along with my first contribution to the blog.

  6. Nice event it looked like! Can't wait to make it for next time! What a huge turnout!

  7. Those are indeed my Lehr, They deserve to be left like they left the field versus Andrews Staghounds! haha, I was so tired I walked right out and left them behind! Thanks to the TTT Guys for the amazing experience! and thanks to Dan for bringing my Army back up to Pet!

    Brad "Panzer Kommanduer" Sainsbury


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