02 October, 2011

UPDATE: NOW 20 Video AAR's up on the AAR page.

(above) Adam beat me to it, finishing his army yesterday, but I just finished mine also: sdKz 182, aka PanzerVIB, aka Tiger II, completed, finally! I worked a bit on the Monastery I won at Skirmish for Best Painted.. it is pre painted but the rubble looked pretty bad, so I embellished a little.

However, the real announcement is I am slowly working on having ALL of our Flames of War Battle Report Videos on the AAR page (top below title up there), and I also have another 65+ 40k and WFB ones after we are done.

Keep in mind, these are our first ten games of Flames of War ever! Its neat though to look back and see the progress we have made in the past 10 months, with terrain and with models. I will try and put in another 10 this week sometime, but enjoy! UPDATE: all AAR's up to our large multiplayer game at the local Con are now up.

The first 20 can be viewed here:


  1. Hey Matt, I just got into Flames of War by buying the open fire! starter set. I was wondering if you or anyone else has any suggestions as this game can look quite intimidating for a new comer

  2. Go to WWPD.net and download their free podcasts. Almost every one of them has really good info about armies and the rules, etc.... That should be a good starting point. And read/watch our AARs and other AARs out there. The flamesofwar.com forums are good too but you have to register to visit them....

  3. Thanks man, I have already watched a couple of the AAR's, its awesome, finally my degree in history will help with something!


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