02 April, 2011

600 pt Escalation comes to a close.

Sorry to Marty: I should have posted our game much sooner, so we can see the finished US Paras.

And here are some vids

vs US Paras

600 Pt Total War mega battle, 3 x 600 point armies, vs another 3 x 600 pt armies.


  1. That looked awesome! 3x600 pts per side seemed like a gret way to get everyone on the table, and have the battle still seem "full", if that makes sense.

    Kudos! All of the painted stuff is looking great!

  2. Like the shirt I'm sporting?

  3. Hmm I might have to pick one of those up as well...

    MI'll get my finished US paras pics up by tomorrow, just been busy, haven't taken pics lately!

  4. gah! Sorry guys- just tried to mention you on the podcast but incorrectly identified you as the frozen gamer AK. Sorry about that- will rectify next episode!

    I guess "frozen, drunken, and Ottawa" all blended together in my head :)

    Apologies again!

  5. ahahahhah - awesome!

    But it's true - one and the same up here in the "cold north"


  6. Do I get some kind of Scout badge? I watched all five minutes of rambling at the end! Kidding aside another great round of vids!

  7. The rambling is becoming a hallmark I think, lol

  8. Without the rambling, how else will we segueway into a podcast? :)

  9. What, are you saying you have to be a rambler to podcast?



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