20 April, 2011

The German Response.....

With the push recently into an air power arms race, I feel compelled to throw my hat into the ring! And so I present my new flight of Junker Ju87 Stukas - with bombs.

Read on for more details on the kits and some glory pics!

These models are from "CAN.DO Pocket Army" by Dragon Models. They are 1/144 scale models that I purchased online for $5 a piece! I know, I know, they are not Battlefront, but for the price can you blame me? Oh, and did I mention they came painted and decaled as you see here!??!

Dragon Models stopped producing them in 2005, so ebay and some online retailers "may" have some stock left. I highly recommend grabbing any you can come across.

Check these beauties out:

They originally put out 6 different Stuka models. These are the "2./St.G 2, "Immelmann", DNO, Czechoslovakia March 1942 editions. Perfect for my Mid War Eastern Front force.

Props to Drew for putting me onto these beauties!

CA$H Out.


  1. Can't vouch for the site but here's an example:


  2. I'd spend a little time on them seeing as they come fully painted.

    Snip the landing gear off, as they will never be on the ground :) and possibly file off the copyright symbol and text on the back there.

    For $5 those things are a steal!

  3. No need to remove the landing gear -- they are non-retractable.


  4. some planes did have retractible landing gear though in ww2 such as the Royal Air Force P-47.


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