07 April, 2011

Things be a changing........


Where to start? The Drunken Gamers site is growing, and Friday Night Fights continues to be expand and bring in more players. With this, there has been talk of forming a "proper" club here in Ottawa, that will cover all the tabletop interests we share. With the club talk, inevitably talk of a "clean" name for our little club has been brought up. After much discussion, we have fallen upon the name "TableTop Tacticians" or "TTT". This name was chosen to reflect our love of miniature gaming, in the many forms we enjoy(FoW, 40k, Warmachine, Dystopian Wars, etc). You can expect the same great content to continue (and grow!).

With all this being said, we will be moving the Drunken Gamers blog over to a new site: http://tabletoptacticians.blogspot.com/

I will be moving all of our content there, and we will be registering on http://www.rankingshq.com/ and with BattleFront.

This is not so much the start of something awesome, but an evolution. We plan on sponsoring events here in the city, and with our escalation league gaining interest, bringing more people into our hobby. If any of our readers have any sage advice (pitfalls, issues you overcame) please drop the club a line at tabletoptacticians@gmail.com

I encourage our readers to follow us at the new site (once its all moved). Stay tuned for more info!



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