04 April, 2011

Does this list make me a douchebag? :)

(put this on while you read)

So.. obviously I'm not made to run a pure infantry list, so I might try something out: Maximum Artillery.

I'm looking at running Motor Rifle British, so that I can run a full 8 gun battery of 25 pdrs, and a full 8 Priests. I could then run Hurricanes as my final template unit, and then the 2 Motor Squads and command. It will probably suck, in that there is no way I can hide them all, and I have literally nothing else but artillery :)

Anyhoo, this is what I am thinking of doing, and so I will paint these 2 units up after I figure out how to set up all the gunners between my Arty and my 4 17pdrs... the 17pdrs came with no crew from Maelstrom.


  1. I assume this is a mid war list?

    MW Motor inf rules! If you get to defend vs Panzers, this list will probably own. If you have to play a free for all it might be ugly- your priests will have to pretend to be tanks :)

    Still, it'd be a hell of a good time!

  2. Sounds like fun. You can order artillery crew with no guns if you want to have enough proper models and the fact you are listening to Both Thrower - Salvo makes you a douchebag. Nothing else. :P

  3. Well, now that I have the 2 boxsets of 25 pdrs, I had enough crew to go around for the 17s and 25s. I also had extra staff team guys, who are thrown in as the battery command, with their riding crops.. suitably British and snooty looking if you ask me.

    So models is no longer the problem.. working 62 hours a week is the problem to assemble them :)


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