21 April, 2011


I got my order for rivers in from maelstrom today, I figured I would do a quick review. They are made by http://www.totalbattleminiatures.com/ I got 2 sets, both made for 6'x4' Narrow and Wide sets.

They're made of flexible resin and seem to be preaty strong, and lots of them. I Figure I got enough i can cut some down to make some different directions based on what part of the curve i cut it at, giving some extra variety.

T-34 and infantry stand next to wide and narrow rivers.

Narrow River
Wide river

These are 3 "buildings" I also got from the same company, I have more in the mail but can only pick them up on saturday as tomarrow is a holiday. I will do a full review of their buildings once I get the rest of them. This is a 2 animal pens and a well, I play on getting some wire and tieing it around the pole and have it go down into the well.


  1. I must admit the Total Battle Miniatures caught my eye when Shawn pimped them on his RHQ video. Brilliant buildings -- too bad about the cost.


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