13 April, 2011

Grey Knights vs Orks - 1750 pts

Annihillation, Pitched Battle, Orks go first.
  • Coteaz and Draigo lead 3x 5-man Purifier Squads (rhinos), 3 Paladins (LR), 3x small henchmen squads (2 chimeras + LR).  General = Twinlinked 
  • Orks led by a Warboss on a bike (w/ bikers), PainBoy (or FNP Spec Char), 3 battlewagons  2 w/ rolla, 3 squads of boys with PK one of them armoured, Nobz with Big Choppas.  General = 36Dice
Bottom of 1st turn:  Incinerator Purifiers disembark and prepare to slow down the  fast-moving bikers.

Bottom of 1st turn:  2nd Land Raider (w/ Paladins and Draigo) move up alongside 2 Psycannon Purifiers.  Psycannon shots wreck the Ork transport, Blue boyz bail out.

Top of turn 2: Remaining Ork bikers move to pop a Land Raider.  Armoured and FNP Boyz move in to 'cleanze' the Incinerator Purifiers.  Blue boyz move up the middle.  Big Choppa Nobz pop Rhino with Purifers.
Bottom of turn 2:  Land Raiders position themselves around the bikes.  Paladins go after Blue Boyz.  Draigo goes after bikes. Purifiers and Deathcult go after Big Choppa Nobz.  Plastic Boyz with FNP/4+ armour get shot at by GK vehicles.

Bottom of 2: Blue Boyz Nob kills all three Paladins after Holocaust and close combat decimate them.  Draigo stands alone after lubing the bikes.  Purifers and Deathcult take down the Nobz.  Cleansing Flame cleanses.

Top of 3:  Yellow Boyz move in for some revenge.  Remaining Blue Boyz move on Draigo.

Top of 3:  Movement.

Top of 3: Assault.

Top of 3:  Purifers and Deathcult removed from play.  But Yellow Boyz pay the price.  Draigo finishes off the Blue Boyz.
Bottom of 3:  Draigo hops in LR and repositions to shot  some plastic FNP/Armoured Boyz. Other GK transports reposition.

Bottom of 4:  After the Battlewagon with the Yellow Boyz rammed the Land Raider the GK vehicles open up on the Ork infantry.  Draigo hops out to close with the plastic FNP/armoured boyz.

It's called here due to time.  See comment below.  MSU GK give up lots of easy kills but hit back just as bad....


  1. I was asked to clarify the final outcome. The game was called when the Ork player 'conceded'. At that point the GKs had lost Paladins, 2 rhinos, 2 purifier squads and the Deathcult assassins for 6 KPs for the Orks. The Orks had lost 2 BWs, Blue Boyz, Bikers with Char and Nobz; and were likely to lose Plastic Boyz with char to a charge from Draigo for 8 KPs for the GKs.

  2. Great photos! Keep those Battle Reports coming...


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