02 June, 2010


So me and the missus went for a long east coast vacation, hence the sporadic commenting from the laptop when I could get some wireless going. Got a LOT of models done for the Squats while I was gone (brought some models to paint for late evenings at the hotels) and only have 6 left to go for my game summit army.

However, I did get to pop in to the Halifax GW store, and I highly recommend anyone out that way to drop in, Dave Switzer has an awesome store, a super good layout too (way better than Bayshore or St L) and a good core of players.

Here are some shots of stuff: (edit: wrong order, since picassa is stupid) Top pic is of Archie's awesome nose art of a nekkid female commisar on his vendetta, next we have Gary's Thunderwolf conversion, based on a white lion, greenstuff, direwolf head, etc. Lastly we have Ken's white scars biker capt, made using vyper parts. The rest of his white scars are stock bikes, but I really dig the futuristic look the eldar parts give it, even if its not that mariney


  1. nice.. one of the better TWC conversions that I've seen.

  2. yeah I posted that pretty much for you D. He was working on a unit of them, but this one was finished assembly (the lord)

  3. What did he use for the head?

  4. he said it was the new plastic direwolves heads.. and mentioned there is a difference in neck sizes, so youre gonna have to greenstuff in the transition. Though, fur is the easiest thing to greenstuff, thank god.

    On the other side is still the high elf looking barding, he just slapped on a diamond of greenstuff over it, and using a sculpting tool, carved in very roughly a rune letter, turned out great, but my pic sucked of it , camera focused on the terrain in background so didnt post it.


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