26 June, 2010

Friday Night Fights Fantasy Edition

Hey so we played a tester game of the new rules, using the warseer rumor compilation pages as our guide!

I had my Chaos Dwarves (dwarf rules) teamed up with Lothlann's Empire vs ChairmanYao's Mortals of chaos and Ca$h's Slaanesh chaos.

I/m sure we got a tonne of things wrong, but it was also nice to see the new rules in play. Man, infantry sure can charge far when your dice are good, in one case we had a unit go 14 inches with movement 4!!!


  1. I'm sure we made a hack of the rules, but it was fun, and I like how they opened up movement. Just have to play a couple more test matches before settling on an army.

  2. I'll bring my dwarfs by for some games some time, need to learn everything all over again.


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