29 May, 2010

0-2 My Warmachine Game Needs Work!

Ok so I got beaten by CA$H (Khador) and Lothlann (Cryx) last night in a couple 15 point matches.

Learning new rules is tough, and these rules are quite unforgiving!

I got my caster killed both games, the first to poor positioning and the second to a failed death or glory on his caster, I only left her with 1 hit point!!!

I really can't wait to see what adding solos, units and more points will add to the game, as 15 points of jacks on jacks is a little predictable now (I hate that freeze effect).

I promise I'll take some pictures for next time, or maybe con Matt_Varnish or CA$H into taking a video batrep for us!

-JO Out-


  1. IT was a couple of tight matches for sure... but expanding to 25 points I think will open things up dramatically. I pulled a slick move on Lothlann on turn 3 to assassinate his caster, I'll show you next time. Can't wait for more matches also! Definitely going to do video reports.

  2. Video reports will be better when we know the rules a bit better and can make them sound more intelligent :)


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