23 June, 2010

It's Hard to Suck...

Ok I'm having difficulty...

I have been making lists for Golden Marine for a day or so now, and no matter what I come up with I also end up tinkering to make it somewhat powerful...I can't completely remove my list building skill, I will die!

Ughh back to the drawing board...I'm going to try and make shooty Blood Angels and see how that works out...


  1. Not being able to take mystics anymore should help it suck more!!

  2. Oh, also, I'm trying to come up with Eldar stuff for GM... I am struggling, their stuff is so expensive!! I guess Im spoiled from 5 point guardsmen and 5 point termagaunts :)

  3. Oh! A Baal pred with all template weapons that you deploy from your edge of the table on turn 1 would suck. Try that!


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