19 June, 2010

Slaaneshi Eldar Guardians

well, here is my first batch of Crone World Eldar.


  1. Very nice. What colour are you planning on painting them? Is this just a one off unit or a start of an army?
    You could make a unit of possessed with deamonettes and guardians and use as stormguardians?
    Look forward to seeing more.

  2. yeah my real trouble is how I am going to paint them.. I am acquiring Ca$h's eldar, that lothlann painted ( I did some details here and there too) and they are alaitoc scheme.

    I just need to decide whether i am going for the bling look of mulit colord slaanesh stuff, or very dark and chaosy..

    I might even rob your idea of the tiger stripe camo (well, its in the 1st edition book too)

    PS when are you up for a game next week Silar? Lets make sure its not when england is playing.

  3. For some reason, those weapons platform look like those droids from SW / Hoth to me (not a bad thing)


  4. so you are saying i should paint them gloss black then? :)

  5. I'll take the easy out and say it depends on your army list / what aspects you are taking


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