02 June, 2010

For Pete's Sakes

This is for Peter white, how my meltas-from-cities of death pieces turned out:

In this case, the baseline gun is a grenade launcher as you can see, though you could use pretty much anything.. the key is the exhaust thingy from Cities of Death, once that is on there, it could be either a flamer or melta, but then you add the little cylinder and the under wire, and its a melta. Greenstuff wire here, and I used some plastic tubing for teh cylinder, though if in a pinch, you could just make a greenstuff cyliner, let it harden, then slice off the ends so you get clean side cuts and you're golden.

Hope this helps

PS, note how I have to highlight all the green on every guy still for Game Summit.. le sigh.


  1. Well...it looks very Orky right now...screams big shoota to me, but whatever works, works!

  2. Its way to big looking, but other then that it looks good.

  3. Waaaaaghhhhh!!!


  4. In all seriousness, If the huge ammo cannister for the grnade launcher was removed Dennis it would look more realistic, IMO of course.

    Looks like a big shoota as is.

  5. What you really need to do is have one these guys


    Count-as Straken ;)

  6. to the comments of it being too big, youforget that even the lasguns look too big? they are dwarves after all.

  7. But what about the comments that it looks a lot more like a Big Shoota than a meltagun?

  8. well, if I had more of the old dwarf plastic bodies AND more cadian arms, id be willing to do the conversion with real melta guns, but since I dont have any spare guys, i needed to use what i had, which was a surplus of grenade launcher guys.

    if I get a hold of more, i'll phase these out and use real meltas

  9. or just buy actual squats on ebay and stop playing a army of conversions. :)


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