09 May, 2010

Sentinel Warjack WIP

Ok work has begun on my first Warjack. It is a light Warjack armed with a chaingun and shield.

No clue what it does, but the model looks neat :)

This is WIP obviously, but gives a good idea of what it will look like.

Comments welcomed!


  1. What kind of washes are you using on those colors for shading? I ask because Lothlann is playing with purple for his Cryx

  2. I am using the Vallejo purple colour...not sure which one, but its dark as the base purple (same as my Elysians were done in) and then GW leviathan purple wash over top.

    Then they get hit with a highlight of VMC Blue Violet and another wash of leviathan purple.

  3. Oh Marty,

    why on earth would you play Cygnar? Real men play mercenaries, and by real men I mean me, and by mercenaries I mean pirates...


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