22 May, 2010

Beats to the Rhyme...

"Beats To The Rhyme"


DJ's and MC's, coming up next is the one and only
incredible, Jam Master
Yo, back up off the ropes, punk

Beats to the rhyme, the rhyme I just made
Party at the jammie til lights the night fade
Trooping for the feature we all get paid
So let's go

Yo! D that's me, the King, the MC
Rhyme get mine on the t-o-p
Can another MC ever rock this beat? (Hell yeah)

Seriously does this guy not look like a DJ of sorts, the kind to break out into some old school Run DMC with a mic in one hand and the other spinning a record?

I have been acquiring and building stuff this past week, and with me moving in a few weeks, packing has sapped my painting time.

I am in the middle of assembling this guy...

Hopefully he will see primer soon and then some paint, I have some interesting ideas on what to do with lightning effects!!!

Pics on my Sentinel to come by the end of the long weekend as well as a summary of my recent game against a Retribution of Scryah player!


  1. Awesome man!

    as for lightning, I would move away from blue, if you have blue on the model already - but if he is going to be yellow/purple like the previous figs, blue/white lightning will pop well on it.

    Keep on trucking, I am!

  2. yea sorry for derailing,. turns out i couldnt even go to cangames lol, im out of town for another week...

  3. Pick up some Warmachine and play some intro games with us when you get back!


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