10 May, 2010


still a work in progress, i think i need to work on the face a little, its looks kinda wierd. i like the weathering effects i've done so far, trying to give the model a dirt and gritty look.


  1. Shading on the cloak is awesome.

  2. I like the work on the cloak as well Chris, but I think you might have too many colours competing for attention on the model.

    Possibly try getting rid of 1 or 2 colours and focus on 2 or 3.

    Very impressive model though, all said.

  3. yea, I know she's supposed to be undead, but she looks like an old lady at the grocery store who wears too much makeup.

    Also, 'Great Rack!' is the best skill ever.

  4. ya -- you could almost say it looks like bad plastic surgery instead of being undead!

    When you compare the current paint scheme to the one up on the privateer website the skin merges into the chainmail. Ditch the green armour pieces & make 'em metal, and then add a green wash to the skin? (not sure I like the idea but need to make the person the focus on the attention, not the clothes -- esp w/ the 'great rack' skill...)

    Also, I think if you keep the gloves the same colour as the coat / make the trim on the chainmail pop and I think it will really help.


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