26 March, 2010

Thursday night fights, Gargoyle spit on my dice edition

At the last second, I was able to head into GW for a game, and thus got to play guard vs nids, this time I was guard..


  1. Hahaha great battle report. Those dice were not kind to you! The the squats are looking great in the new colours also. You ask death what he would change in his list, but what about you? What would you change?

    Don't forget to post Locara results today =)

  2. He is going to post, since he is playing Locara with Xenos, and so am I (Nids), but I played devil's advocate and did guard.

    Actually, I am super happy with my list right now for 1500, I wouldn't change a thing.

  3. About time you got rid of thoughs dice, how many years have you been rolling ones with them.

  4. Awesome game Den. I'm not going to paint the Chuck Norris of Gargolyes, instead I'm going to have him bronzed :)



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