01 March, 2010

Painting Challenge step 2: Before shots

First of all, these are getting a new paint job in the new Stronghold Colors: Here is my next batch of stuff for the challenge: 140 pt Colossus Siege Mortar, and 65 pt infantry squad to repaint. That gives me 2 weeks, in which I will also finish adding all the special weapons to everyone (roughly 12 guys) thanks to Loth's bits, and some from Jo.


  1. The new scheme looks good...but please change the tank...it looks like exactly what it is...a pvc pipe stuck onto a tank :(

    A little modification would get rid of that...

    Then again its yours and you do whatever you please!!!

    Looking good all told.

  2. yeah its going to get something on there.. I just had to fight to get it in between the basilisk 'uprights'now its out again, awaiting a plasticard breach door.

    The outer ring is going to be metal colored, the rest of the tube will be green, with dwarven runes done in yellow


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