29 March, 2010

Squat Update

OK, so I havent posted on my progress, only because it is Epic.. instead of just finishing ONE chimera for last week, I finished a chimera, got paint on 4 more, finished the colossus, and ALL the infantry for the 1500 point list.

Therefore I'm going to gear it down some and simply finish two chimeras for this following week: the company command and platoon command ones, so I can differentiate between them and the vet ones.

I need to do that because: I played An00bis tonite, and yeah, it was DEFINTELY the dice.. this time, even though i was at the store, and forgot I had dumped my batch of dice into the Bayshore dice bucket, I REFUSED to use them, and instead used Jason's dice to smash him.

His own dice failed him, lost two critical leadership tests, two units of the board, and the veterans with only 2 meltas but one flamer paid off huge dividends, flaming into a unit of kroot to make them run off the board. Sure, when I am gunning down tanks, I would like the 3rd melta, but seriously, I like having that flamer back up for the later stages in a game when there are actual troops on the table. On the other side of the board, a platoon command with flamer also paid off handsomely, hitting a unit of "gone to ground" firewarriors, pushing them off that objective too.. Jason ended up conceding at turn 5, I had 3 objectives, and he had one contested.

But yeah, now that all 5 chimeras are green, I need to put unit markings on them so that they can be picked out.

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