08 March, 2010

Battle of the Buldge

After watching a show on the history channel about the battle of the buldge I've decided it's time to turn my Leman Russ tanks to chaos, I have 2 Leman russ Battle tanks and 2 Leman russ Vanquisher tanks that i'm about to start turning to chaos. I'm going to try going back to my russes because im finding the medusas are just to fragile, I will still use them but want to try a few games with the less cost efficent but much better armoured Leman Russ. Here are the before pictures of the 4 tanks i will start to charge to chaos.


  1. Bring on the armor 14- I think you will find they will last much longer than armor 12 open top.

    Now to find some las cannons...

  2. what do you need the lascannons for? I am here in Qubec city where I saw where the rammstein concert is going to be, excellent spot for it, near the citadel, where Zen took a picture of me near a mortar from 1720.. What's a Mortar do?? :)

    Also, will try and make friday night fights, though might be late, driving back that afternoon


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