06 March, 2010

250+ points complete! On to more!

So, here are some shots of the Grey Hunter unit and transport I completed this week:

I now plan to take a week or two and build the rest of my 1500pts to full WYSIWYG (along with all the vehicles), then continue painting each unit as I go. Going to be building Wolf Guard for each Grey Hunter unit, Wolf standards, and either building or scrounging Wulfen models to use as "Mark of the Wulfen" dudes in my units. I also need to build a new unit of Skyclaws (LOVE THEM!) and maybe a Wolf Priest with jump pack to lead them, the options are endless, and I am stoked to build this army far beyond 1500pts for sure. I can easily see Space Wolves becoming a 2500 point army very quickly, with all the build option I want to have. With Joyous providing me with jump packs and Land Raider for the force, it will get there soon.

On a side note, I am still working on my Demon Prince for my Emperors Children, and I will get a pic of it up once its completed - it is less than stellar looking as a WIP.

1 comment:

  1. Looking sharp. Maybe you need new space wolf dice to go with them though.. I have a bunch of grey dice with a runic B if you want :)


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