03 March, 2010

More work on the Colossus

This is mainly for Marty, this is what I was talking about earlier today. Its getting primed right now, and while it dries I will boom headshot fools on MAG :)

Gas vents drilled into the barrel plus stabilizers/recoils out of brass rod

detail of the breach door


  1. Ditto the above statement. How do you plan on painting it?

  2. Very nice. Question are the parts all glued together or can they be removed while you paint? Also hope you are linked to adsense clicked on them a couple of times to help you out.

  3. The barrel comes out, which will help painting and also when it comes time for it to fit into my cases. Also, the cab is separate from the tracked section, though I may glue this down, we'll see.

    Hit a snag, the barrel end got ruined after priming, so had to scrape of and redrill...


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