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1500pt Slaanesh Tourney List

Here is a list I am thinking of testing out this week, and possibly taking to the Locara Tourney in February.


Daemon Prince - 155 pts
Mark of Slaanesh
Lash of Submission


Noise Marines x5 – 140pts

Blastmaster x 1

Noise Marines x8 – 250pts

Sonic Blasters x 7

Noise Champion w/ Power Weapon and Doom Siren, Personal Icon, Melta bombs

Chaos Space Marines (10) - 255 pts
Aspiring Champ
Power Fist
Meltagun (2)


Lesser Deamons x10 - 130pts


Vindicator 125pts

Obliterator x3 – 225pts

Land Raider - 220pts


The idea is the large noise marine unit gets the land raider as their ride, and both it, the CSM in rhino, and vindicator all go 12" up the board at the start - or toward objectives. That leave the 5 man with blastmaster hanging back as fire support, and possible the Oblits as well. I think it's essential to up the Oblit unit to 3 to allow for reliable ranged anti-tank/anti-infantry. They could also deep strike off the personal icon of the noise marine champion if the scenario calls for it.

This list ups my melta gun content, and adds a much needed power fist to the 2nd assault unit. These will prove indispensable against monstrous creature and walkers. Notice I added melta bombs to the other squad, to help with vehicles/walkers in a pinch. Another option would be to drop the deamons and 3rd oblit, and take another CSM squad. I don't have one painted though, so its a tough call. That slot could also be taken by a roughly 8 man raptor squad with Mark of Slaanesh too, so who knows. I think I will try this list to start, because few people remember that deamons are scoring units....and having them arrive turn 3/4, go straight into assault (supported by noise marines) may allow them to be in a position to capture an objective late game.

I also pulled the Termies, as they seem expensive for their return in 1500pts. Only testing will tell.

Stay tuned for pics of my now painted Land Raider, and WIP shots of my deamons and Deamon Prince.

CA$H Out.


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