05 January, 2010

1500 tentative list

Ok, this list assumes I can get the models in time, paint them, and find a suitable model to make a landing spore.


Hive Tyrant, Bone sword, Whip, Heavy Venom Cannon, 190 Yeah expensive for a gun platform, but I need an HQ unit, and my Tervigon is going to be troops. Tyrant will sit in cover and fire range 48 lascannon small blasts all day long, possibly on my backfield objectives, these are still going to be a bitch for a fast troops choice to kill to claim my obj.. more likely, we will contest. 190


2 zoanthropes in a landing spore. These deep strike down and hopefully kill off that big mean land raider type vehicle. 160 points

3 Hive Guard. hmm bs 4, high toughness, and a range 24 str 8 2 shot gun that doesnt need LOS? yes pls. Goodbye Vehicle squadrons 150 points


Tervigon with Adrenal Glands, Thorn Blast. So checking my rulebook, these things ARE scoring units. wtf. monstrous creature that spawns 3d6 termagants per turn, 'spent' on any double though. Adrenal glands affects broods within 6, and is also a synapse creature. If I had more termagant models, I would have 2 of these. 170 points

24 Termagants, first off, I love termagants, have alwasy loved them, and now they have range 18 guns, and are 5 points per, and each brood makes 1 tervigon a troops choice. Sign me up. 120 points

3 12 strong genestealer broods. 1 brood has broodlord and scything talons, the other 2 are just stock. Genestealers can infiltrate or outflank, and with broodlords can now fleet. Very nice
526 points total.

At this point I am at 1316 points, which I could spend 170 points on a Mawlock, just because the model is kickass, plusit comes out of the ground for that "OH CRAP" moment for my opponent, or i round out my 6th troops choice with a brood of 5 warriors, 4 with devourers, 1 with barbed strangler, for 165 points to bring me to 1500. The warriors I can field right now, so I guess if I cant get the mawlock done in time determines what I bring to a certain extent.

Assuming I go with Mawlock, model count is 3 monstrous creatures, 5 medium creatures, 60 small creatures, + whatever the Tervigon creates. pretty scary for 1500 points I'd say, and I'm not spamming anything either, unless I get lucky with the Tervigon.


  1. Nice list can't wait to see it at the tournament. I would like to see the Mawlock in action so you best get it painted a modelled quickly =)

  2. Which 2 free powers, would you take with the Hive Tyrant?

    Heard termagaunts would have fleshborers as standard, so they are 12" range. Few extra points you can upgrade.

    Hypnotic stare on the broodlord, could come in handy.

    I think the Mawloc would be good addition, as it rules make it very 'Nid like, IMHO.


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