16 February, 2017

Team Yankee Mech USA vs Mech BMP Dust Up, 80pts


We finally play Mech on Mech, Dust Up, 80pts.   I have my 20 BMPs (10 freshly painted) vs US Mech (2nd Mech freshly painted).    Speaking of..
I got a tripod on my camera, so here are some good shots of the 2nd US Mech platoon

Metal flame removed, cotton one put in for the Dragon team.

Nice camo indeed.

Tris uses M109s for the first time.

I deploy my Gvozdika's for the first time too, in a wood near the crashed Cdn UH1

First US Mech platoon in the crops.

Close-up of the 109.

Tris would deploy his 4 M1's by the Radar objective.  I deployed my BMPs in a swarm.  He went first.. 8 shots.. 5 dead BMPs.  made almost all my inf saves though..

Aftermath of M1s

Turn 2, he kills 7 more BMPs on 8 shots on the second Motor Rifle unit..

Again, I make most of my inf saves..

.. and remaining BMPs take out half his firepower..

These guys await my reserves...

Busy night, in the other room, we had Moser running Afgantsy vs Andrew's West Germans

Gorgeous table

While on the 3rd table, Rob makes an appearance with his Cdns vs Kevin's Iraqi Republican Guard (no pics, until they are at least all assembled and base coated)
We hear that 31 T-55s went onto an objective, and the 3 survivors won the game!!

Back to our game, Tris decides that he will Blitz on and fire at BMPs if he passes, and if fails, those dismounted infantry in the open are the perfect target for the Pie Plate.

He failed the Blitz roll, so went for the arty.

Again, I made most of my saves, unpinned, and advanced!!

Infantry advance and use RPG18s and RPG7s to crack open some M113 hulls..

Chobham armour means I can't do anything to the M1s though. 'Chobham' sounds something the British would use though.. or wasn't he a butler on Downton Abbey?   :)

RPGs on the VADS as they come in.

M109s move up to Direct-fire.

I assault these M113s, killing 2.   The rest Dash off..

Meanwhile, his army kills off my arriving reserves on the other flank.  The remaining Cobras come in to finish off my T-72s.   Game ends, 5-2 Victory for the US.

As always, below is the Video.   While I have a small tripod for the video, I was still holding it.. so it might be marginally be better.   Will try to be better with it next game.. V4 :)


  1. Awesome. Great to see a Yankee force painted in desert camo. cheers

  2. Interesting. I run a BMP swarm myself and I will always max out my Recon troops so as to gain those vital spearhead moves/forward deployment in scenarios like this one, with lots of no-mans land.

    I didn't see either player dropping smoke, although both players could have lain a 30cm/12" curtain with their three guns. A well placed curtain will allow you to safely dash to just 20cm/8" of the enemy - no doubling of to-hit dice as in v3.

    The Sov was lucky with his saves, but I would have not startes with inf in BMPs in LoS of enemy. They move 20cm and on a 4+ they will move an extra 4" (Follow on).

    I don't recommend Blitzing with Sovs, fail too often leaving you with shooting penalty.


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