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Flames of War Version 4 Test Game 2

"What's the best World of Warcraft Expansion?" "Burning Crusades!"

Right after our first game, where the Germans won 7-2, we swapped teams and played again, so Matt and I with the DAK and Tristan and Andrew playing British.   Same board, same lists.

Pzr II's 'Spearheaded' into this tree area, allowing the PaK-38s and PzrIVs to be that much closer to the British lines..

As ever, Video is at the end of the post.

On our 'weak flank' we have the Pzr III platoon, the Up-Armoured Pzr III HQ and one unit of Schutzen.

Cunningly, the British put 3 platoons of tanks and infantry opposite our weak flank.

Grants lead the way towards our weaker flank.   Apologies for the half-finished Crusaders.  They will eventually look as good as the Grants, assuming they stop catching on fire.

Meanwhile, on our strong flank, Andrew fires long range shots with 6lbrs while they re-position the rest of their army.  I even used bombardment from the Pzr IVs to try and bypass the 6lbr gun-shield and the non-dug-in guns.. but he made both 3+ saves.  Gun teams are TOUGH to shift head-on.

Looks one-sided: 24pt Pzr III tank unit on the left facing down 28pts combined Brit tanks.  

Its the dice.   I Blitz with the Pzr IIs, then full tactical into the flanks of the Grants.   Fire my 2cm main guns, he rolls the 2x 1's for armour, and I roll double 6s for firepower!!!  The Grants would fail their Last Stand check.

The British did get the Covenanter and remnants of an infantry platoon onto our Weak Flank objective, but the above loss of the supporting Grants meant the 2 remaining Pzr IIIs could clean up our objective.  We called the game there, would have been a 8-1 victory, but we did not take an objective so 3-1 loss? Still not sure how the points are supposed to work

Here is the Video, couple notes.. The British should have about 4 more Crusaders to make the lists even, so if you thought I was being a bit negative in game 1, Tristan is a bit more negative in this video now that he is running Brits. In hindsight, the lists were off, but whatever, we were testing.   Also, the last turn and opinions gets LOST because i took too much footage over the course of the night, memory capped on my phone.

Despite that, there is some value in seeing a few key things happen that are different than V3, so here is the video anyways.   Lastly, as I am posting this, we are preparing for a third game, this time with proper points.  I SHOULD force Tris to play the British again.. but I won't :)


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