20 February, 2017

Flames of war VERSION 4 test game 3: Fritz-Move

25lbrs doing what they do best: Scaring away tanks????

Its been a whirlwind weekend, with 3 test games of the new Flames of War (gleaned from cell phone snaps of preview books, WWPD compilation and the Team Yankee book where possible)

Brits vs DAK again, but on a different board, with different lists:
We counted the rocky hill as just Rough Going, anything else is obvious, so lots of trees this time.

As ever, the LONG video is at the bottom.  We discuss throughout.

View form other side.  (At this point, Tristan had his models on the table, not deployed there)

Version 4, Universal Carriers have Spearhead.  So I move them out of command of each other to extend my deployment zone to the hill (right) and forest (left) bogging down in the process!

Tristan counter-spearheads the Pzr IIs behind the rocky hill.  I had wanted to deploy my Honey OP reverse slope.. I have just enough room within 8 inches.  Note, the fuzzy blanket mat shows the tracks made!!

This is after deployment.   I had 2 spearheading units, he had 3.   Pzr IIs and the uber-cheap 8-Rads.

Covenanter stands-in as the OP Honey.  I reckoned if I went first, the Crusaders and OP 'Scout' rule would keep me safe.   I did NOT go first :(

 PzrIIIs deploying behind the hill thanks to Spearheading Pzr IIs

German-side view.  8-Rads sneak up behind the wall, allowing the PzrIII (short 5cm) to be further out.

 Top-down view.  Command HQ tank in lower part of picture.

Turn 1, 8-Rads start moving up along the wall section.  He wants rear armour shots to my Crusader II platoon in the trees at extreme top of this pic.

I 'blitz' the 6lbrs to see some of his tanks that were using the wall as cover. Unlike previous 2 games, these Crusaders were a mix of II and III(6lbr gun)

 Kill 1, bail 1, who remounts.

Mission accomplished:  8-Rads kill 2 Crusader IIs.   The 5cm gun now has 2 Moving ROF and range 20.  I was so used to the old 1 shot if you moved, 16 inch gun!!

'Roger flight leader, Jerry Tanks in sight, going in guns blazing"  Hurricanes come in and wipe out the remaining tanks that the Crusader III's had mauled. (Once you see the bent wing-gun, you can't unsee)

Tristan realizes that the 25lbr is indeed very good AT gun over open sights, and falls back some.  The only way the task will get done is if the PBI walk over there and take the objective.

2nd time the Hurricanes come in.  Kill one, bail 1, remounted for no test.  I also have 3 ranged in markers on that Schutzen platoon top of pic. Ranged in is fine, but if he stays concealed and GTG, I need 6s to hit.  I guess its historical.. if they were out of foxholes they would be blapped, but dug-in they are ok.

 After an eon, the 8-Rads finally kill off the last Crusader II in that forest.

Setting up the assault.  Hurricanes come in (3 times in a 6 turn game.. so about average) reduce his tanks to one left.  Luckily it isn't the top tank (defensive fire) I ranged in the mortar section for smoke line, pinned his infantry with my pre-ranged in 25lrs, and then assaulted.

The Poor Bloody Infantry push the jerries back, and consolidate behind the smoke.  The schutzen were down to 2 teams and would fail their Last Stand. Turn 6, He would bring his HQ tank and lone Pzr III to MG my guys.  I would artillery-kill one tank, and assault the other for the win... and fail my counter-attack roll!!

Since we did most of the thoughts and opinions in the video, I've kept list discussions in this post to a minimum.  Its all in the video, really:

Bonus Pic:  Tristan, not sure if you have enough classic console games.. :)


  1. Great looking game. Looking forward to version 4. cheers

  2. Current count is 23 consoles, that isn't even all of it lol

  3. Just noticed I played the 8 Rads incorrectly, they cross check on 4+ - sorry D!

  4. We also way overshot spearhead - we realize now we have to be 16" away from each others deployment zones. Live and learn.


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