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Fort-Ception.. Fortifications on a table that has a Fort...

Friday night Team Yankee mayhem: Here
Army glamour shots here
My Day 1 games Day 2 here

And now its just a picture dump of the rest of the battles, taken in between games.   With 46 players and such a wide array of nationalities (I didn't even know the Dutch had a list!!) it makes for something different than the usual games of Germans vs US/British that LW turns into.  Enjoy

Large Cross-Roads map, by Bob McBride

This table won 'Best Table"
Lou, the Tournament Organizer, had asked folks to sponsor a table. The lads from New Brunswick brought 4 out of 6 of the tables! Those wheat fields were super-plush fabric, and heavy models sank down in it, lending a realistic look.

Will S' Japanese tanks are not really hemmed in by all the wire, at night :)

Chis Caron's Finns, would end up getting best painted.

Jed B vs Bob, fighting in the city

Bob's infantry bring their tall grass with them, even indoors and in church!

Matt M has 'walled-off' the objective with wire in the lower left of pic, whilst the Dicker Max is killing French tanks galore in the center.

Chris F vs Jesse S

Well painted Finnish gun.

Facing Hungarians I think..

White camo doesn't save you in the spring-time!

Kevin K's Fast-ovy BT army is getting lit up.. hence all the orange foliage for wreck markers.  He would get Best Sportsman for taking this list.

Matt M vs Dana M on the river table.  Reminds me of a map from World of Tanks.. where driving near the canal spells death at all times for me!

Lou brought his Finns, and his T-28s are threatening an un-defended IJA objective.  It says Keep Calm and Kamikaze.. clever.

James S' Polish infantry horde gets surrounded by Italian tanks

Its not Early War unless there is a Cavalry charge!!

Finnish fortified list on 'Home Turf'

No time for sledding...

Phil M on the bombed-out crossroads map

Jesse S faces off a massive soviet horde.  Word on the street is he had a huge glob of stands that infiltrated when able.

And when each stand is painted this well, a huge glob represents many man-hours of work.  Well done!

Jerry L vs Ryan.  Not sure that's the kind of 'troops' we support, Jerry!

Scott R's DAK vs Japanese infantry on the river map.  Apparently the 88's did serious work..

.. as well as the PanzerJager Is sprung in ambush, wiping out a whole platoon of tanks in the sudden daylight!

Scott was able to feed one stand per turn in order to contest that Jap objective, and ended up winning in the end.

Ross B's DAK vs Kevin's BT list.

Just having a picnic under a nice tree.  Supposed to be a staff table, but I guess they rolled up the maps to not get wine, bread and cheese on them, right?  :)

Well, I took over 150 pictures, hope you guys enjoyed them, and thanks to everyone who came and made this year's Early War tournament a success!


  1. Looking great, thanks for sharing! Looks like you guys had a fun event.


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