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CDN NATIONALS Early War: The Armies

Canadian Nationals, the armies. I took so many pics (for once, I usually forget) that I figured I'd put all the armies in one post, and post my games tomorrow.   We had a great first day, 46 players total this year.  Let's see how close I was to my over/under of 9 for number of Japanese armies from yesterdays post:   

Start off with Bob McBride's beach bum Japanese

Bob always has nice stuff.  here we see his excellent gun team camo netting.

 Lot of tall grass per base on his Japanese

 German list with 9 x PaK-36 and crashed 1/100 Me-109 obj.

 Andrew L's Norway-deployed British

"Toit Lek a Toiger" Here we have a DUTCH army, w/ French tank allied support

Japanese army 2, rocking the bi-plane of Justice

 Japanese army 3, with some horses for good measure.

 Chris Frett's French army

Japanese army 4, double-time tanks at night.   "Paradise by Night" indeed

Japanese army 5, identical list to the above.  One is Phil M's the other is Will's

Another Italian Carri Compagnia.   Warms my heart, his list differs from mine in that he has a 4th unit of M40s and some guns and biplane support where I have 2 units of Tanketti's and the coastal guns.

 Dan C's Char-B french

 James S Polish infantry horde.

My Carri Compagnia.  The infantry is in trenches and are for display only,
Brits about to get 'what for'

Japanese army 6, with the mixed tank section, 2 Bn gun section, 1 Rgmt guns. I played a similar list game 1 v Kurt Reese

Russian fortified list?

 Sharp-looking British Rifle Coy.

 German Blitz small-Panzer horde.

 Rare to see GP-Grenadiers in Early war, rocking DAK colours

Very well painted Finnish army

 Pat LeClerc's excellent Desert Rat Infantry Coy

 Tim (?) Hello Kitty Japanese.   #7 for those counting.

 Kurt R's Japanese.   #8

Jed's GP-Grens/Pio's, and with actual Demo-bomb armed Panzer IIs!!

Scott R was running DAK, with the PanzerJager Is and 88s for AT support.

Matt M's German Leichte Pioneer Company.
'Dicker Max' getting to add some kill rings?!?

Very well painted Polish

Chris C's very well painted Finns.

 French w/ Somuas, Hotchkiss, Lafflys with heavy gun support.

Leave it to Kevin K to run the craziest list I have ever seen.
"Fast-ovy" BT tank horde.

 Side shot of Kev's Fast-ovy. Those AA-trucks are very "Orky"

Crusaders! (Editor: Yes, someone else DOES use them!)

Rob K's Kilt-wearing BEF (list from 'Hellfire and Back', with theoretical Honey Stuarts in France)

Scottish saltire's on all the fenders....and on the infantry, Check that Tartan!

 Close-up of Rob's Staff table.

Strelk blobs. Was this the army that infiltrated guns to get volley fire on turn 1?

 Jesse S' Carri. Very similar to mine, he had more flamethrowing Tanketti's

 German Cavalry and 8-Rads galore.

 Well-painted Finns seemed to be a theme!

Love the snow-troopers

These Krad-Schutzen were with some Brandenburg infiltrating dudes masquerading as Aussie's replete with tilly-hats.

Canadian trucks in early war?
Even in 1940, we were "Out Fer a Rip" in pick-ups!

 Kevin K and his opponent displayed armies together.

 You guessed it, the 9th Japanese list, with scout cars!!!

Big thanks to everyone who came up and brought sharp looking diverse armies. Will have pics of my games tomorrow, as well as other random battle pics, there are some good ones....


  1. Looking good. There was a great turn out of great armies.

    P.S.: The "Russian Fortified List?" is a Finnish Mannerheim Line list in Summer Uniform. Also, the army I'm displayed with is a Hungarian Konnyuharckocsizo Szazad (Tank) Company.

  2. Hey what about that DAK 21 Pz Div Infantry List?

  3. Ross, I didnt see your army displayed.. but there are shots of it in a later post :)

  4. Ross, I didnt see your army displayed.. but there are shots of it in a later post :)


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