03 September, 2016

CDN NATIONALS: Friday Night Fight, Massive Team Yankee Game!

Only part-way through deployment, Soviet side
 In what I hope is a tradition going forward, Rob K organized a big Team Yankee game Friday before the tourny by using 4 of the Tourney tables pushed together, plus our TY scenery.    Rob "I dunno, I think maybe 24 feet by 8 is too much"

The other part of the room, tables ready for battle

That's a LOT of soviet armour..

These Cdn M109s from Rob K were only a quarter of the artillery that NATO had.

Rob K also had Cdn TOW missile units.   The man in the Lynx represents a certain 'Bob McBride' in his time in W. GER.   He is at the tournament playing Japanese now

Cobras, doing what they do best which is hiding like cowards behind trees!

Hastily assembled Leopards, Marders and Luchs's

German MLRS, backing up the 3 FULL batteries of M109s on their side...

 More US forces in the town, with more M109s in the background

Cdn REMFer having a 'dart'* before the days' heavy fighting

Cdn troops defend the Gasthaus, as always.

View from NATO side.

Jed's Afghantsiy hope to land back here.  What could possibly go wrong??

The 'Plan' was for the frogfoots to clear out an LZ.
Didn't work out, Afghantsiy landed anyways, got murdered.

Advance of the Red (Tan and Grey)Army

As people arrived, they would add reinforcements, like these great-looking M1s

Arty Party.  All you need now are Lasers...

Jed wonders how the Red Air Force has let him down, and lands anyways.

18 Copperhead laser-guided rounds take out 17 T-72s all at once!.  Concentrated M1 and assorted fire take out the background cluster of T-72s.  This would stem the tide, and end the game early.
Thanks for organizing the game Rob, and thanks to everyone who came and brought some models to shoot the sh@# and roll some dice on a Friday night. It was cool to see more equipment on a table than the Cdn Army has TOTAL at any one point :)

I will have more pics of Day 1 shortly.  45 players, my over-under on # of Jap armies is at 9.  :)

*BTW 'Having a Dart' is Cdn for having a smoke.

To further bolster your 'Cdn', I suggest "Out Fer a Rip" : (NSFW)

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