01 July, 2012

TAPV Updated

I've made great progress on my TAPV and its almost ready for molding.  I just have to add the little nubs to the add on armour pieces.

I still need to make the remotge weapons station with a heavy stubber and an auto cannon.  I also need to come up with one more set of lights like the one in the above photo.

I may regret not having a cupola that I can stick a crew commander in, so \I may re-do it one day.  But at least it looks like the real thing. (Well the prototype anyways.  With my luck the real vehicle will have some major changes.)


  1. Though i am stringently against this vehicle, this model is a great piece of work! looking forward to the finished product.

    1. Which vehicle do you think they should have bought? Or is the whole project as confusing to you as it is for me?

  2. I really think its a Knee-jerk reaction to all the IED activity we faced in Afghanistan, and while I do believe it was necessary to address the problem, i think they've gone too far in one direction.

    Armoured vehicles operate on 3 tenants, Mobility, Fire power and Protection. Generally you can expect a vehicle to focus on two of these facets while sacrificing the remaining trait. I feel the TAPV has taken this to an extreme and take a 2 for 1 ratio, forgoing the mobility of an 8 wheeled vehicle and lacking the firepower of the 25mm.

    While I understand that cost is a huge factor, I feel like some better contenders may have never been given a shot simply due to the fact that they werent in the price range.


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