22 July, 2012

FnF 20 July 2k12

So it was a small game with just Cash and myself on Friday. We rolled up Hasty Attack and played on a well laid out board that featured a 'Y' crossing in the centre of the terrain.

I took this video with my HTC One S but decided I need to find a better way of managing the movie afterwards, I have yet to see if I can just shoot it as one continuous file. As of right now, converting the files and finding a decent frame rate and resolution is proving interesting. I might shoot in lower quality on my phone in the future. It still takes great pics though!


  1. thanks again for the great game!

  2. I have been finding that the quality suffers greatly thanks to Youtube. I could either spend hundred on a new camera or buy more models. Guess which I am doing :)

  3. That's a relief....we had the same issue with Cash's last weekend. I would still like to make a few adjustments and will not move it around as much the next time we play....which can't be soon enough!

  4. One thing the iPhone does well is let you take multiple videos then splice them all together right on your phone and upload to YouTube in glorious HD :)

    Camera isn't great but the video is quite decent.


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